Why haven't I received my payment?

If you're wondering why your commission payment from GetYourGuide is taking longer than expected, let's break down the potential reasons for a smoother payout process.

Before delving into the specifics, check if you have received an invoice for your commission payment. This can help narrow down the potential issues:

Do I have an Invoice or not?

(Please check in your payment section)


icons8-1-64.pngNo Invoice Received? Here are the possible scenario:

  1. Commission payout threshold for bank transfers:

      • For those who've selected "Bank Transfer," a minimum $50.00 threshold applies.
        Your commission payment will only be processed once you've reached this threshold. Check your current balance and learn more about payout thresholds.
  2. Incomplete or incorrect payment information: 

    • STEP 1: check our article Necessary payment details,
    • STEP 2: cross-check and add the missing ones, in the payment details section,
    • STEP 3: payment should be automatically processed on the next payment run (5th of the following month), no further action needed
  3. Pending tours or cancellations:

    • Has the activity/booking taken place already?:
      • No, it is in the future: commission is applicable only to completed activities with final charges.
    • Has the booking been canceled or refunded?: 
      • Yes, it has: for canceled bookings, no commission will be applied and If a booking was partially refunded, your commission will be adjusted accordingly (in the current or next payment run).
  4. Payout schedule and bank transfer information:

    • Commission payments are scheduled for the 5th working day of the month following the activity date.
      Keep in mind that international bank transfers may take a few days.

icons8-2-64.pngInvoice received

If you've received an invoice, the delay may be due to a bank details issue. Double-check your details with your bank and don't hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. Additionally, remember that payments around the 5th working day of the month might take a few days to process.

Confirm your payment details, monitor your balance, and rest assured your earnings will arrive following our transparent process.

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