Change the currency

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to request and manage currency changes, ensuring a seamless experience.

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icons8-1-64.png Requesting currency change

Partners can request a currency change by contacting us directly, as the selection option is available only during the signup process. It's important to note that currency changes cannot be initiated in the first week of each month (until the 5th working day of the month). This limitation is in place to avoid issues and delays in the payment cycles.

icons8-2-64.png Available currencies

Partners have the flexibility to choose from a range of currencies for both PayPal and bank transfers:

(INR - Indian Rupee is available exclusively for bank transfers).

icons8-3-64.png Considerations and important points

Timing: Currency changes can be requested at any time except during the first week of each month (until the 5th working day of the month).

Future Bookings: If you switch currencies, remember that bookings made in the previous currency will still be paid in that currency, even if the events or services are scheduled for the future.

Payment confirmation: Partners should be aware that they might receive two different payment confirmations in two different currencies during the transition period.

Analytics: Unfortunately, in the analytics section, partners will see all transactions in the new currency. It's essential to keep this in mind for accurate record-keeping and financial analysis.

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