Can I use multiple websites with my partner account?

Yes, you can use your partner account (and same partner ID) for multiple websites. 
Just create your links and widgets in the Tools section and add them to the other website(s).

If you want to differentiate your analytics data by website, you can add a campaign parameter to your links and widgets. This will help you to monitor the performance (visits, conversion rate, sales) of each website.
For more information on “Campaigns”, please click here

How to add a campaign?

You will find a dedicated field in the link builder or widget creator.
Just add the campaign name of your choice that will help you to differentiate your analytics data (e.g. website1_article5 or website2_article3).

1. Link builder

2. Widget creator

For further information on integration tools, please visit the section Integrating GetYourGuide.

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