Cross-selling for activity providers

Are you a tour guide, attraction, or activity supplier? Don’t hesitate to become a reseller!

Becoming a reseller has clear benefits:

    • Additional revenue
    • Increased customer satisfaction by recommending high-quality experiences
    • Promotion of your destination

Travelers experience more than four activities on average during their vacation, with 85% of those booked in-destination. This is a great opportunity for companies like yours to recommend the next best activity in the city and increase revenue per customer. Let’s look at some examples:

  • A transfer company in Rome recommends GetYourGuide activities through window stickers inside their buses. By scanning the QR code on the sticker, customers can choose from a range of activities. The transfer company receives an automatic commission for any bookings made.
  • A top attraction in Berlin showcases activities to do in the city on their confirmation page and email. Customers can explore further activities after purchasing their initial experience, generating additional revenue at no extra cost.

To learn more about the onboarding and the revenue you can generate by becoming a reseller: Onboarding: Your quick start guide

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