As part of the GetYourGuide community, we've had the opportunity to engage with many different types of partners. We've gathered insights into their experiences and successes, all thanks to their collaboration with GetYourGuide.

Below are testimonials and interviews that highlight how GetYourGuide has contributed to the advancement of businesses and careers through our Affiliate Partnership Program.

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icons8-1-64.pngArchaeology Travel

Meet Thomas Dowson, the founder, and CEO of Archaeology Travel.
His journey with Archaeology Travel is not just a story of passion but also of strategic growth in the travel industry. Initially facing challenges in monetizing his love for exploring archaeological sites worldwide, Thomas found a transformative partner in GetYourGuide.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Passion and mission: Thomas Dowson's deep-seated passion lies in exploring archaeological sites worldwide.
    He avidly shares his discoveries through original content on his website.
  2. Challenges before GetYourGuide: Initially struggled with effectively monetizing his endeavors.
  3. Transformation with GetYourGuide: Experienced a significant transformation in business dynamics with the pivotal support of GetYourGuide.
    Highly recommends GetYourGuide to fellow content publishers seeking growth opportunities.
  4. Testimonial: "The managers I've collaborated with have been incredibly supportive and inspiring; they have truly revolutionized my business."
  5. Advice for New Partners: Emphasizes the importance of rigorous testing and leveraging the insightful data provided by GetYourGuide.
    Finds monthly sales and performance metrics invaluable in refining strategies.
    Advocates continuous testing and experimentation to optimize revenue streams.
  6. Key Quote: "You need to test can always do better."


icons8-2-64.pngFree Tours by Foot

Stephen Pickhardt is the President of Free Tours by Foot, a dynamic platform that empowers licensed local tour guides to lead tours without upfront costs. Discover how GetYourGuide has significantly enhanced his business's traffic and revenue.

  1. Background: 
    • Free Tours by Foot provides a platform for licensed, local freelance tour guides to lead tours without upfront costs.
    • Established in Washington, DC, around 2006.
  2. Experience with GetYourGuide: 
    • Partnered for approximately 5-6 years.
    • Facilitated finding lucrative affiliate opportunities efficiently.
    • Impressed by the user-friendly partner portal and GetYourGuide's Berlin-based operations.
  3. Testimonial: “We've been working with GetYourGuide for several years now, and it's been a fantastic experience. Their platform is easy to use, and they've been incredibly proactive in helping us grow our business. It's rare to find a partner as dedicated and supportive as GetYourGuide.”
  4. Benefits: 
    • Increased traffic and significantly enhanced revenue.
    • Enjoyed a positive relationship with a supportive and approachable team.
  5. Advice for Fellow Partners: 
    • Encourages partners to communicate their needs openly with GetYourGuide.
    • Emphasizes the importance of maintaining excellent work and support standards.
  6. Favorite Tour: Stephen's top recommendation is the evening food tour in Rome.
  7. Key Quote: "Partnering with GetYourGuide has been a game-changer for us. Not only have they increased our revenue substantially, but they've also helped us provide better value to our customers. The team's support and responsiveness have been exceptional."


icons8-3-64.pngEarth Trekkers

Julie, Tim, Tyler (17), and Kara (15) are the faces behind Earth Trekkers, a family blog dedicated to simplifying travel and enhancing experiences for families worldwide.


  • Journey & success:
    • Started as a personal travel blog and evolved into a thriving business.
    • Now attracts over 2 million monthly visitors. Here is a look at how quickly their GetYourGuide traffic grew:


  • Benefits with GetYourGuide: 
    • Simplified tour selection process for their audience.
    • Appreciation for diverse, budget-friendly, and trustworthy tour options.
  • Testimonial: 
    • “Partnering with GetYourGuide has been a game-changer for us. Not only have they simplified tour selection for our audience, but they've also significantly boosted our revenue,” shares Julie.
    • “GetYourGuide is easy to use and implement within our website, and it offers a great service to your audience,” adds Tim.


We hope the insights shared by our partners have illustrated the significant impact you can achieve as an Affiliate Partner with GetYourGuide. To further optimize your partnership with us, explore our Best Practice tips and other informative articles available in the Partner Resource Centre. Remember, our team is always here to support you every step of the way!

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