Easy commission payouts: no IATA or CLIA needed

Welcome to our streamlined partnership experience! Your exclusive partner ID is the key to effortlessly managing payments, eliminating the need for CLIA or ARC/IATA Number.

This is especially noteworthy in Europe, where we do not support IATA and CLIA numbers, explore how this approach enhances your overall experience.

Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 15.53.16.png

  • Efficiency through partner ID: upon joining our network, you'll receive a dedicated partner ID, the exclusive key to smooth commission payouts. Access your partner account, input company and payment details, and watch as your earnings are effortlessly processed.
  • Professional ease of use: navigating the commission payout process is now professional and user-friendly. Your partner ID serves as a unique identifier, simplifying interactions and ensuring a seamless experience.


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