Sponsored experience restrictions

Here are the main restrictions and limitations for activities eligible in our Sponsored Experience:

  • Hop-on, hop-off bus tours: We prioritise unique experiences over typical tourist spots.
  • Animal activities: No touching, petting, riding, or selfies with wild animals allowed. Performances involving animals are prohibited.
  • SeaWorld and SeaLife: These locations are off-limits.
  • Night tours and shows: Excluded due to potential content quality issues.
  • Dolphin and whale watching: Not guaranteed content creation.
  • Natural phenomena: Activities like Northern Lights are not allowed, as they are not guaranteed.
  • Remote destinations with small inventory: We focus on popular revenue-generating locations.
  • Sensitive locations: Activities in places like concentration camps.
  • Sim cards: Ineligible as they aren't experiential.
  • Passes, transfers, museum entry: These do not align with our unique experience focus.
  • Thermal resorts, baths, wellness, and spas: Filming usually isn't allowed; or it might make others uncomfortable.

We prioritise authentic and unique experiences over typical tourist attractions.

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