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Our primary goal is to connect your audience with unforgettable experiences they’ll love. That’s why we continuously optimize how we present activities on GetYourGuide widgets and our website.

To achieve this, we continually refine how we present activities on GetYourGuide widgets and our website, aiming for higher click-through and conversion rates, ultimately boosting your commission earnings.

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Landing page experience

Many travelers browsing your content are not committed to booking a specific activity yet; they're often in the exploration phase, discovering the possibilities at a destination.


icons8-1-64.pngWhat changed

Previously, visitors would land on a dedicated activity detail page, which limited their ability to explore alternative options effectively. To address this, we conducted tests to evaluate whether featuring the linked tour prominently, along with other activities, would enhance performance.


icons8-2-64.pngWhat's new

Now the page will feature the linked tour highlighted, along with other activities, would enhance performance.

We are delighted to announce that the revamped landing page experience has increased the conversion rate by 5.2%. Additionally, by refining how we present alternative activities alongside your chosen tour, we achieved an additional 3.5% increase in conversion rate.

icons8-3-64.pngCan I Still Link to the Dedicated Activity Detail Page?

Yes, while we advise against it for conversion rate optimization, we recognize that there may be instances where you prefer visitors to land directly on the dedicated detail page of an activity. In such cases, you can append the following parameter to your affiliate link:


Here's an example how your deep link could look like: PARTNER ID&utm_medium=online_publisher&mkt_cmp=true 

Always utilize our integration tools to ensure seamless integration and accurate attribution of bookings to your account. Once you've generated your deep link, you can add the optional parameter "&mkt_cmp=true."


Safeguard – we protect your income

Every test we conduct undergoes rigorous statistical monitoring to safeguard against any negative impact on metrics such as click-through and conversion rates. If we detect any adverse effects, we immediately halt the test. Thanks to the substantial volume of traffic we receive, we can swiftly identify such issues within 24 hours.

By refining the landing page experience and providing clear guidelines, we aim to optimize performance and ensure a seamless browsing experience for your audience, ultimately maximizing your earnings.


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