Growth hacking strategies for success

Growth hacking might sound like a buzzword, but it’s a straightforward concept focused on maximizing growth. It's about acquiring as many users, readers, or customers as possible for the lowest cost, inspired by the start-up mentality of growing quickly or failing fast. Here’s how you can make growth hacking strategies work for you.


icons8-1-64.pngExpanding your reach

  • Using social media to boost your growth: Social media is a powerful tool for growth hacking when used correctly. To optimize your social media channels for maximum reach, consider the following strategies:
    • Use hashtags: Ensure you are part of the #conversation. Hashtags help users find your content when searching for related topics.
    • Mention relevant brands or figures: Tagging relevant handles in your posts can lead to reposts, increasing your readership.
    • Diversify across platforms: Don’t stick to just one platform. Diversify your presence to attract different user groups. Adapt your content for each platform – keep Instagram posts visually driven and Tweets short and engaging.
  • Social media automation: the next level: Automation can streamline your social media efforts. Once you establish your unique social media “voice,” you can schedule and automate posts using tools like HootSuite, Sprout Social, or Canva. These platforms help you store posts, optimize them for social media, and analyze traffic to publish when your followers are most active.
  • Viral competitions to get people talking: Running viral competitions encourages followers to talk about you, generating coverage, awareness, and long-term backlinks to your blog. For instance, a kitchen utensil manufacturer could ask readers to publish their favorite recipe on social media with a specific hashtag or write a blog post to win a gift pack. Participants sharing their posts link back to your website, spreading your brand and competition quickly.


icons8-2-64.pngEmail marketing

Email marketing is a rapidly growing channel and a secret weapon for many growth hackers. You can deliver content directly to hundreds or thousands of inboxes, include backlinks to your blog, and boost your site's authority on Google. Don’t underestimate the power of email; it's a great way to increase readership and drive traffic.


icons8-3-64.pngSkyscraper technique

The “skyscraper technique” involves improving upon already successful content. Identify popular content and develop a superior version. This method capitalizes on existing interest while offering better content, which can attract more backlinks and outshine competitors.


icons8-4-64.pngBecoming an expert

Establish your expertise by writing an ebook on a topic you master. This not only enhances your online credentials but also provides content for social media marketing and SEO. Offer the ebook for free to build a regular and broader readership at minimal cost.


icons8-5-64.pngABO: always be optimizing

Growth hackers must continuously optimize their blogs. Focus on:

  • Click-through rate (CTR): Optimize headlines, images, and meta descriptions for maximum clicks.
  • Share rate: Create content that can go viral and refine your social media management strategy.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Use on-page SEO techniques and acquire backlinks to improve search rankings.

Investing time in optimization is crucial in the growth hacking world, and every minute spent is worthwhile.


icons8-6-64.pngKeep your eyes on the prize

Maintain a growth hacking mindset by staying focused on your goal of achieving the largest audience possible. Dedicate yourself to this goal, work hard, and apply the tips from this guide to see your audience grow.



Growth hacking offers bloggers a variety of powerful strategies to rapidly increase their readership. Stay focused, continually optimize your efforts, and apply these best practices to achieve guaranteed success.

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