Requirements to become a community member

To join our vibrant community, aspiring members must meet certain criteria.

Key requirements:

  • Minimum 3000 followers on Instagram: We require a minimum follower count to ensure a certain level of influence and reach within the community.
  • Regular posting: Consistency is key. Members must post at least once every two weeks to maintain an active presence within the community.
  • Travel-related content: At least 80% of your content should focus on travel, featuring real people. While we appreciate personal flair, content should not solely revolve around the creator's personality.
  • Informative captions: Captions should be informative, sharing valuable tips, advice, and travel hacks. If captions lack information, compensating with high-quality images or other engaging content is necessary.
  • Engagement: High engagement is appreciated as it reflects genuine audience interaction.

By meeting these criteria, you'll not only become part of our community but also contribute your unique perspective and engaging content.

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