Automatic activity widget

The industry's first automatic activity widget. Promote activities and earn commission with zero maintenance and self-optimization. Create your automatic activity widget in our widget builder.

How does the automatic widget work?
Magic. Once you put the widget on a page, it automatically “reads” the content around the widget and the page’s meta data. By using so-called natural language processing, we’re able to understand what your article is about. Through machine learning, we identify key information to choose the best activities to display. For example, the content is analyzed for the location, point of interest, and other criteria that help us to choose the best activities for your content.

What’s the benefit of using the automatic widget?
First of all, you save time. You can insert the same exact widget on all of your pages. You don’t have to search for suitable activities or configure individual widgets manually. Additionally, there’s no need for maintenance, e.g. in case an activity becomes unavailable. You don’t have to update your widgets anymore. Also, you benefit from automatic click-through and conversion rate optimization we’re continuously improving.

Do I have to use the automatic widget?
No, you don’t have to use it. When creating a new activity widget, you can always choose between an automatic or manual widget.

Do I have to adjust my content so the automatic widget can understand it?
No, you don’t have to change anything. We deliberately chose to use a natural language model because we want to support just that – natural language. Let the machines do the heavy lifting and continue to create great content in your own words and style.

Which languages does the automatic widget support?
The widget supports content in: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Russian, Japanese

What happens to the automatic widget when I change the content on a page?
The widget will automatically adapt to your content. If you change your content, the widget will detect the change, analyze the page again, and choose the best activities to display.

How does the automatic widget perform compared to a manual widget where I chose the activities myself?
In our test phase with a select group of partners, we were able to achieve equal or better performance compared to manual widgets. This was a crucial milestone for us before now making the widget available to you. Also, we’re continuously improving our algorithms to deliver even more accurate and better converting activities.

Consider, already at equal performance to a manual widget, you have saved time in researching suitable activities and don’t need to maintain the widget. This time saved you can invest in creating more content and adding value for your audience – to ultimately earn more. Also, you benefit from the automated optimization of click-through and conversion rate.

Is there a delay in activities showing up when I install the automatic widget?
No, the widget works instantly like any of our other widget types.

Can I use both the automatic widget and a manual widget on the same page?
Yes, you can mix and match all of our integration types (manual widgets, automatic widgets, deeplinks) on the same page.

I have multiple widgets on the same page – would all automatic widgets show the same activities or would it pick different activities for each widget?
It depends on where you place each widget on the page. The widget will consider the content above it. So if you have multiple sections with different content, the widget you place in each section will adapt to the content above it and may show different activities.

Can I change the number of activities displayed in the automatic widget?
No. For now, the widget always displays 3 activities.

Can I exclude some activities or categories from the automatic widget?
No. At the moment, you cannot exclude activities from the automatic widget. We may add this option in the future.

Can I define a campaign name in automatic widgets?
Yes, you can define a campaign in the widget builder when you create an automatic widget.

Where do I find the traditional manual activity widget?
In the activity widget builder you can switch to the “manual” option if you want to create a manual instead of an automatic widget.

Where can I track the performance of the automatic widget?
You can track your automatic widget in the integrations report – together with your other integrations.

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