The Integration Analyzer

What is the integration analyzer?

The integrations analyser is our new analytics feature. It offers detailed insights into your link and widget performance.

How do I install the integration analyzer?

By adding one small code snippet to your website globally, you enable full analytics and new metrics for your integrations.

Where can I find the code snippet?

Head to your overview page or go to your link and widget builders. You’ll see on each of these pages a section to install your analytics code.

Where do I place the code snippet?

Paste the code snippet into the < head > of every page of your site. If you have a separate head file, you can just paste it there.


Please note: Once you have successfully installed your analytics code, these sections will no longer be displayed on any of these pages, and data will populate your Integrations page. It can take a few minutes, depending on the volume of traffic on your website, for the partner portal to update and show data on the Integrations page.

Why should I install the integration analyzer?

The integration analyzer allows you to track the status and measure the performance of all the links and widgets that you create.

What exactly can I learn from the integration analyzer?

By installing our analytics code globally on your website, you get user behaviour insights combined with GetYourGuide performance data, like:

  • Your best-performing links, widgets, and pages

  • Whether links or widgets generate more clicks on specific pages

  • Your amount of GetYourGuide integrations per page and which level is optimal

Do I need to update the integration analyzer after installing it?

No maintenance necessary — once you’ve installed the partner analyzer, we’ll take it from there. Any feature updates happen automatically.

What about Google Tag Manager?

For ease of use, we provide you with a plug and play template for Google Tag Manager.


Here is a video tutorial to further help you: What if I’m already using widgets?

Perfect! Then you already have our analytics code running and you’re almost done. Make sure to implement the analytics code globally — i.e. on all of your pages, not just on pages where you display a GetYourGuide widget. This ensures you receive access to all metrics in our report and complete and correct data.

What if I’m not using widgets yet?

You need to implement the analytics code globally, i.e. on all of your pages. That’s it, you’re done! Plus, if you do ever choose to try out our widgets, you already have the necessary code running and only need to place the widget on your page.

Why do I need to install the integration analyzer to participate in promotions?

When it comes to promotional campaigns where we offer additional commission rates, we need to make sure we can accurately track your integrations and their performance. This way, we can correctly attribute your new commission and you get your full earnings.

What additional metrics does the integration analyzer offer?

Easily optimize your content with views, clicks, and click-through rate for every page, compare how often your visitors see GetYourGuide tours on your page, and discover how many then click on widgets or links. With our new tool, you can find out what’s the most engaging for your audience and use these insights to increase your chance of additional earnings.

How do I improve my conversion rate with the integration analyzer?

Our new feature tells you if you’re currently linking out to inventory that is no longer available and provides you with recommendations for similar activities. In the meantime, even if a user visits a page with an activity that is no longer available, we will always redirect them automatically to an alternative recommendation.

Having issues after installing the integration analyzer? Here are some troubleshooting solutions for you:

Issue: Is the new integration analyzer code dropping 3rd party GYG cookies?

Answer: We don’t use 3rd party cookies as the cookies are added once the visitor clicks on one of our links. So they are added to the customer website. 

Issue: I cannot visualize widgets or links anymore after installing the integration analyzer.

Answer: This depends on your website. Does it work if you’re reverting to the widget.js? Please contact partner support for your specific issue/s.

Issue: I am using Wordpress when installing the integration analyzer and I am having problems with the code and statistics are showing less or zero data.

Answer: Make sure you’re using our Wordpress plug in. Otherwise, it should work.

Issue: I don't see the results of the integration analyzer. When should it show? How long should I wait?

Answer: The Integration Analyzer is a tool that we’re continuously updating. Starting August 1, you will see initial results. Then, as we move forward, we will add more metrics to help you analyze your integrations better.

Issue: How will I know if I installed the integration analyzer correctly?

Answer: There are multiple approaches to know if you installed it correctly:

  1. Inspect the HTML code of your website and search for

  2. Open the developer tools and check if there’s a network request to

  3. (Only works for GTM) Enable preview and check if the TAG is fired.

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