Best practice: Increase your click-through rate

At GetYourGuide, we want to help you optimize our products on your website. It's why we identified — based on machine-learning techniques and partner data research — our best practices to increase your click-through rate (CTR).

Before we jump into our recommendations, let's briefly recap our partnership model. You have three ways to display our products on your website: links, activity widgets, and city widgets. The CTR is the metric that calculates the number of visitors you deliver to GetYourGuide divided by the number of visitors you have on your website.

Widgets or links? Which type of integration will increase my conversions? 
Both! Our data shows that content with links and widgets generates a higher CTR. Ideally, 80% of the content on your site should have both types of integrations.
Widgets display your content in a more visual way, which grabs your visitor’s attention. The combination of widgets and links
 and a call to action influences your CTR. 

How many links or widgets should I use in an article? 
When it comes to widgets, three or more per article generate a higher CTR. Combining links with widgets in your page increases your conversion. The ideal number of integrations by page is 10.

How many articles should I choose?
Travelers often consult several pages before deciding to book a tour or activity. Our analysis shows that partners who integrate GetYourGuide in more than 50% of their articles see a positive impact on their CTR.

Check our article on linking the right inventory

Should I use different tour and activity affiliate programs in the same article?
Your reader is searching for the best things to do on their vacation — and that’s a lot of decisions to make. One of our GetYourGuide brand values is ‘curing chaos’, so for a smoother customer experience, we recommend using one tours and activities partner per article. No need to just take our word for it, either — our research shows that partners with over 90% of GetYourGuide links and widget experience a higher CTR.

How can I compare my performance to the GetYourGuide benchmark? 
We’re thrilled to share our exciting new analytics feature: the integration analyzer. As one of top requests from our partners, we hope this is a valuable tool for understanding your link and widget performance.
By installing our analytics code globally on your website, you get all user interactions combined with GetYourGuide performance data, like:


  • Insights into your best-performing links, widgets, and pages
  • Which content is most engaging with click-through rates
  • Integration health status

Check this article on how to install the integration analyser. 

We’d love to hear from you! Please let us know if you find these recommendations helpful and what additional tour recommendations you would like to see on the portal.

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