Integrating in your website or blog


GetYourGuide is featured across the websites and blogs of top transportation partners and online travel agencies.

By incorporating widgets or deeplinks, you can direct your customers to our main website or to specific activities. Your unique cookie id will track your customers' interactions and activities on the platform, meaning that you can earn a commission when they make a booking through your link.

GetYourGuide can also be displayed more “natively” within your company’s design by using our API. 

GetYourGuide touchpoints perform best in areas of the website where:

  • There is high visibility, such as the homepage
  • The intent to purchase activities is high, such as the post-booking confirmation webpage
  • Where the user can get inspired, such as destination guides or travel articles

Why you should integrate GetYourGuide into your website or blog

  • Traffic from prominent web touchpoints increases visibility and drives revenue.
  • Using tracking, cookies, partner IDs & campaign parameters, GetYourGuide is able to accurately track and optimize traffic from web touchpoints. 
  • With booking data and specific location data, GetYourGuide is able to personalize the offers to the customers’ destinations and interests, which increases conversion. 

How to integrate 

  • Once logged into the GetYourGuide partner portal, use the link builder to generate deeplinks and the activity widget tool to generate code snippets.

  • Deeplinks can be used to link from text, such as navigation menus or static banners.

  • Widget code snippets will display offers to the defined destination or personalized from the customer booking data. 

  • The partner’s product team can integrate this widget into part of the partner’s webpage by using the code snippet provided.

For API integrations

  • Partners will need to get access from a GetYourGuide account manager.

  • GetYourGuide will generate an API key & send the partner access to the API documentation to review. 

  • The partner’s product team integrates via GetYourGuide’s API & within the native design of the partner’s website. 

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