How do I use the linkbuilder?

To make integration easy, we provide a link builder that automatically generates the deep links. It can be found in the section Tools

1. Enter an URL or search term

  • enter a GetYourGuide URL or 
  • search for an activity, city or point of interest
  • click on the recommended result in order to add it to the link field (see 3.2)

2. Set your Tracking parameters

  • Placement parameters: define where the link will be placed on the page. You must select this parameter in order to generate the link (mandatory)
  • Campaign parameters: help you to track the vital data per traffic source and/or data in case you use multiple websites  (not mandatory)

3. Copy the link and add integrate it in your post

3.1.  Embed your link on your site
Once the link is generated, you can simply copy and paste the links in their posted content behind text, images, and buttons.

3.2.  Install your analytics code
Our Partner Analyzer helps you to track the status and performance of all touchpoints and benefit from our integration report. Please visit How to install the Integration Analyzer for detailed information.

Please note that the language (domain) and currency are automatically selected according to user location.

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