How does the cookie ID tracking works?

When you join as a GetYourGuide affiliate partner, you receive a unique Cookie ID, also known as a Partner ID. This identifier is crucial for tracking the visitors you refer and ensuring you earn commissions on any bookings they make. This article provides a detailed overview of how this tracking system works and how you can effectively use your Cookie ID to maximize your affiliate success.

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icons8-1-64.pngWhat is a Cookie?

Cookies are small files stored in a user's or affiliate's web browser. They are essential for tracking user activity.

Our Cookie ID, also known as a Partner ID, is a unique identifier assigned to each affiliate partner when they join the GetYourGuide affiliate program. This ID is embedded in integrations and in our in portal engine to monitor user activity and attribute sales to the correct affiliate partner.

icons8-2-64.pngWhere can I find my Cookie ID

You can find your Cookie ID in your account settings in the partner portal. For more guided info, feel free to check our article: What is my partner ID number?


  • Duration: The cookie attribution lasts for 31 days across the entire GetYourGuide site. This means that any booking made within 31 days of the user clicking your affiliate link will be credited to you (subject to certain limitations; please check the next section).
  • Function: Every link or widget created using the GetYourGuide link or widget builder includes your unique Cookie ID/Partner ID. For deep links created manually, ensure that the ID has been added. This enables the tracking of visits and bookings generated from these tools.



  • App Tracking:
    • The GetYourGuide app currently does not support partner cookie attribution directly.
    • However, if a valid partner hash is included in a link, users are redirected to the mobile site where regular cookie tracking applies. In this scenario, the app is blocked from opening to ensure the tracking remains intact.
    • Future support for app cookie tracking is being considered, but currently, bookings must be made via the mobile site for tracking to work.
  • Overwritten Cookies: Your cookie might be overwritten by another partner's cookie or a paid search link if you or the users interact with different links before making a purchase.
  • User Consent and Cookie Settings:
    • Users might not accept cookies or may delete/disable them in their browser settings, which can prevent tracking.
    • Browser security software or extensions, could interfere with or override cookies.
  • Discount Codes:
    • Discount codes or vouchers cannot be used if you want to ensure your commissions are tracked.


icons8-5-64.pngBest Practices for Affiliates

  • Consistent Monitoring: Regularly check your analytics dashboard to monitor the performance of your links and widgets. Refer to the Bookings reports 101 for detailed insights.
  • Avoid Conflicts:
    • Ensure your affiliate links are not overridden by others. Avoid clicking on ads, paid search links, or navigating through other websites while placing a booking.
    • Encourage users to complete their bookings in one session to minimize the risk of cookie overwrites.


By understanding how GetYourGuide’s tracking and cookies work, you can optimize your affiliate strategy and maximize your earnings. Stay informed about potential limitations and follow best practices to ensure accurate tracking of your affiliate activities.

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