I did not receive the booking confirmation?

Customer booking confirmation
In case you booked and paid on behalf of your customer, the customer booking confirmation will be send to the email address that was entered in the billing details. 

If you have entered your agency email address, please make sure to check the correct inbox (email address), as you might use different email addresses during your working day.
If you cannot find the customer booking confirmation in your inbox instantly after making the booking, please check your spam folder

If you find the email, please open it to review all the booking information. 
It also gives you the option to download or print the voucher or proof of payment as well as manage (cancel or change) your booking.

If you still cannot find the booking confirmation, please contact our Care Support

Partner booking confirmation
In addition to the (customer) booking confirmation, you might have received an additional email with the subject "New booking on GetYourGuide - Rxxxxxx - GYGxxxxxxxxx"

This email notifies partners of GetYourGuide that a new booking has been made through the partner account. It confirms the booking and provides the most relevant booking details.
This email will only be sent if you have enabled Booking notifications

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