SEO Domestic Travel Reports

The key to reaching travelers or locals, looking for things to do domestically, is knowing what they are actually searching for online. We’ve analyzed the top GetYourGuide domestic markets and gathered the most searched SEO keywords for each destination. 
From the most popular “things to do” in your city, to more complex “itineraries” across your region, or “family activities” to keep the kids busy during school breaks, you can select each destination’s trending topics and access its own set of relevant keywords to create or update articles and increase your chances of ranking.

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What is the SEO Domestic Travel Report?
The SEO report is a compilation of the Top GetYourGuide domestic markets - each domestic market contains a set of relevant keywords. Each keyword is grouped into a “theme” or “cluster”. You can also filter each keyword through cities and search volume.

Why using the SEO Domestic Travel Report?
With this report, you can:

  1. Identify the destinations and keywords that fit your domestic content strategy
  2. Create or optimize articles to rank for these keywords
  3. Search for relevant inventory on GetYourGuide and give your domestic travel audience access to incredible experiences

How to use the SEO Domestic Travel Report?

  1. Download the report
  2. Click on the domestic market of your preference/interest
  3. Navigate through the keywords of your domestic market
    Make sure to filter the keywords by city, cluster or volume
  4. Search for relevant inventory at GetYourGuide through the “GetYourGuide Tours” column

What are the included Domestic Markets?
Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United States

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