How can I optimize my integrations?

Here are some instructions and tips on how to get started with integrating GetYourGuide products as well as optimizing existing integrations in order to increase your conversion rate.

1. Identify your most popular pages
Identify the articles that receive the most traffic.

2. Check the content relevancy
If these top articles are travel related and even focus on specific destinations or activities, search our inventory for activities that match the page topic. Offer the products that naturally fit the page content. The more accurate the better!

3. Integrate our top-performing activities in your top-performing articles
Please use the Bestseller coverage report that you can find in the “Analytics” section in order to identify and integrate the most popular tours by a specific metric (country, city, category etc.)
For more information and instructions please also check our dedicated article Bestseller coverage report.

4. Integrate GetYourGuide within the first paragraphs of your content
Integrate your links or widgets in the upper section of your article. This way there’s a higher chance the reader gets to see and click your affiliate link. Unfortunately, a typical reader only spends between 40 seconds to 1 minute per page.

5. Combining links, Call-to action buttons and widgets maximizes CR and CTR
Whilst links have a higher conversion rate than widgets, widgets add more visibility of GetYourGuide products to your page. Adding Call-to action buttons (simply embed your partner link to a button) will persuade your readers to click on the integration.
Combining the different tools maximizes the CR and CTR and increases your income.
It might take more time, but you should see better results when combining different integration types.

6. Format your links correctly and draw attention to the links creatively
Highlight your links! Colors and bold fonts make them visible and make it clear you are selling something to your readers. Distinguish inbound links from outbound links.
Also try different ideas! Create an agenda at the top (highlighting tours), an items list, block in-between paragraphs with highlighted hand-picked tours or a book-now button.

7. Repeat
You might want to repeat a product you find specifically relevant to your audience throughout your article. If you don't catch them on the first try, you might on the second!

8. Combine activity pages and landing pages - they are also important
Specific product pages are great, but might have a higher bounce rate as you only land on one product. If the product is not a good fit for a reader they will just leave. And they will then have to search the GYG website themselves to find what they like.
Therefore also lead your readers to slightly more generic pages, but with filtered results: for example, search pages or specific attraction landing pages.

9. Add a personal touch
When you share a personal review or recommendation you will engage more with the readers and increase your credibility.

10. Give context about GetYourGuide
Establish trust and familiarity with your readers introducing GetYourGuide

11. Point out GetYourGuide unique selling points (USPs)
By doing so, you will provide valuable tips for your readers and generate more clicks. GetYourGuide USPs include:

  •   Skip-the-line tickets for major attractions
  •   Easy cancellation
  •   Mobile vouchers with no need to print 
  •   Last-minute availability
  •   Best-price guarantee
  •   Customer service 24/7

12. Track down your results
Don’t forget to use campaigns on your deep links and widgets. This will allow you to optimize your results

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