FAQ Integration Analyzer

What is the integration analyzer?
The integrations analyzer is our new analytics feature. It offers detailed insights into your link and widget performance.

Why should I install the integration analyzer?
The integration analyzer allows you to track the status and measure the click and conversion performance of all the links and widgets that you create. Additionally, it enables us to provide you with unique insights, reports and personalized recommendations to maximize your earnings.

What metrics does the integration analyzer offer?
Easily optimize your content with views, clicks, click-through rate, bookings, and conversion rate for every integration (link or widget). Find out what’s most engaging for your audience and use these insights to increase your chance of additional earnings.

How do I improve my conversion rate with the integration analyzer?
Avoid losing money because your links or widgets are not working. Our new feature alerts you if you’re currently linking out to tours that are no longer available or your links are broken (e.g. missing your partner id).

How do I install the integration analyzer?
Super easy. You can find all details in our help article here.

Will the integration analyzer slow down my website?
No, the analytics script is asynchronous and will not impact how fast you page content loads.

Is the integration analyzer GDPR compliant?
Yes. The analytics script is part of our standard affiliate program offering which is governed by the Partnership Agreement (GDPR in section 8.5). We can also confirm that the script is not dropping any third-party cookies, nor do we share any of the data with third parties.


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