The inactive pages report helps you find pages which do not feature any GetYourGuide experiences. Use your website’s full potential and unlock additional income by integrating these pages. 

Discover the report

Main use cases
Locate inactive pages which do not feature any GetYourGuide experiences.

  • Understand how much traffic these pages are generating.
  • Get a personalized estimate of how much you could earn from integrating GetYourGuide links and widgets on these pages.
  • Unlock additional income.

When to check the report
We recommend checking the report at least once per month to find new opportunities for unlocking additional income.

Avoid blind spots
You’ll only see data for pages where the integration analyzer is installed. Please install it on all of your pages, so we're able to notify you about any additional income potential.

Navigate the report
If you need help on how to use general report features, like applying filters or downloading results, read our FAQ article to learn more.

Page URL
The location of a page on your website.

Last 30 days impressions
The number of times a page was visited in the last 30 days. Every time your page is seen by a visitor, you have the chance to promote GetYourGuide activities and earn more commission.

Potential earnings
The amount of commission you could earn from a page if you had GetYourGuide links and widgets integrated on it. This estimate is personalized, based on the page’s impressions in the last 30 days, your average click-through rate, your average conversion rate, your average order value, and your commission rate.

Promoting activities on any page of your website
Your website is about travel and helping travelers to find unforgettable experiences? Awesome, this means your audience is a perfect match for GetYourGuide!

Some articles – like a travel report – may seem more suitable for promoting activities than other pages on your website. But consider, your audience still stays the same. This means, every piece of content on your website is a great opportunity to promote GetYourGuide’s unforgettable experiences and generate additional earnings. You just have to create the right context.

You’re reviewing a piece of equipment, like a camera or walking boots. Maybe you add affiliate links to the product, but probably not to GetYourGuide, right? Here again, creating context is important. If you’re talking about the great pictures you took with the camera, or the awesome hike you had in your walking boots, why not include GetYourGuide links and widgets for the trip you’re mentioning? Chances are, some of the readers are also planning their next trip. They don’t only think about what gear to buy, but also what experiences to book. Here’s your chance.

Already having ideas for your content? Get creative, find the context, and unlock additional income adding GetYourGuide links and widgets to your pages.

How to find suitable activities

Download data
To explore larger data sets or store the data for future use, it can be helpful to download the results, for example as an Excel file. If you need help on how to use general report features like downloading results, read our FAQ article to learn more.

Integrating activities
Whenever you’re adding activities to your content, please use our integration tools to ensure that the integration works properly and we’re able to attribute any bookings to your account.

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