Integrating in your Social Media Channels

GetYourGuide participates with partners in social media campaigns and contests, cross-promoting initiatives across social channels. We also tap into our traveler network via posts across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.  

Cross-promotion with GetYourGuide social media

  • Reach audiences that are highly engaged and interested in travel
  • Drive traffic to campaign-specific goals, while increasing visibility and bookings.

How to partner with GetYourGuide's social media 

  • Tell us about the campaign you want to cross-promote and include:
    • Where the campaign will be displayed
    • Links to your social media channels
    • Any creative assets, copy, or landing pages developed for the campaign
    • Length of the campaign
    • Expected number and type of postings
  • Once confirmed with GetYourGuide’s marketing team, your account manager will coordinate and confirm the scheduling of a cross-promotion campaign.
  • Ensure tracking is properly set, in order to share post-campaign metrics with GetYourGuide. 


Eurail Summer Contest Campaign - Social Media Post

Eurail Summer Contest Campaign - Landing Page


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