Best Practice: Increase AOV (Average order value)

Your average order value, or AOV, is your total value of bookings divided by your total number of bookings. 

For example — if your total booking value is €2,000 and your total number of bookings is 20, this means your AOV is €100.

You can easily calculate your AOV in the partner portal — just head to the ‘bookings’ tab and choose your time period.

To put it simply — the higher the value of your bookings, the more revenue you generate. 

Try promoting activities with a high AOV, like: day trips, luxury tours, or bundled tours.

By featuring different options for the same activity, your content can appeal to your whole audience. Depending on their budget or travel style, followers can choose between a standard product or a deeper experience at a higher price point.


For more information, check out this video: 

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