How to improve your conversion rate with bestsellers

Did you know that the top 10% of partners who are similar to you have a 6% or higher conversion rate?

The opportunity
Check your top-selling destination countries and/or cities for bestseller activities that you’re not promoting yet. Promoting the most demanded activities is a decisive factor in improving your conversion rate and therefore the amount of commission that you earn.

How to find your missing bestsellers
Focus on integrating and highlighting top-ranked activities that you’re not promoting yet to improve your conversion rate.

  1. Navigate to the bestseller coverage report.
  2. Set the filter “Is in my top 5 countries” to “Yes”. Click the blue highlighted reload icon to apply the filter.
  3. You will see the top 10 activities for each of your top countries in the table. The column “Already promoting” indicates a “No” if you’re not promoting this top tour.
  4. Integrate the missing bestsellers using our integration tools. This way you can ensure that we are able to properly attribute any sales to you
Pro tip 1: Set the filter “Already promoting” to “No”, so you only see the top activities that you’re not promoting yet in the table.
Pro tip 2: If you want to focus on specific cities instead of entire countries, you can add the filter for a city to see the top-ranked activities within that city.

Other use cases for the Best  Seller report

How to Series: Leverage the Best Seller Report

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1:58 How to use peer popularity when creating new content?

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