How do I find or check my bookings?

In order to find a specific booking or to display your booking overview, please log in to your Partner Portal and click on “Analytics” > Bookings
Please note that the data is updated on a daily basis with a one-day calculation period. This means that a new booking will not instantly appear in your booking overview.

How to use it?
Please make sure to choose the filters according to your intention or search request.
To display all bookings, please adjust the two filters “Booking date” and “Travel date” to fit your needs and click on the little “reload arrow” at top right.

You should now be able to see all your bookings (completed, pending, canceled) in the chosen time range.
For more information and instructions on how to use the bookings report and its filters, please also visit the article Bookings Report.

To display all bookings that took place in 2021, please adjust the “Booking date” filter to: “is any time” and the “Tour date” filter to “is in the year” “2021” and click on the arrow at top right to reload.

If you still cannot find the booking that you are looking for, it might have not been tracked or booked through your partner account.

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