The new activities report gives you an overview on new tours and tickets we've recently added to GetYourGuide.

Discover the report

Main use cases
Keep your content fresh by updating it with the latest activities.

  • Expand an article with new activities to increase variety and thereby your chances to generate a booking.
  • Replace existing activities with new ones that seem more suitable for your content. You should consider this especially if you’re seeing low click-through and conversion rates.
  • Get inspired to write a new article matching new activities on GetYourGuide.

When to check the report
We recommend checking the report at least once per month to stay up to date and find new inspiration. Check it as needed, when you’re optimizing existing content.

Navigate the report

If you need help on how to use general report features like applying filters or downloading results, read our FAQ article to learn more.

Time frame
By default, we show you what’s new in the last 30 days (first online date). Depending on when you last checked the report, adjust the time frame to a smaller or larger window (the maximum is the last 90 days). You can also specify absolute dates (yyyy-mm-dd), e.g. if you want to see everything that was added after your last check.

You can filter for relevant locations by adjusting the country, area, and city filter.

Notice: An area can be a region, province, state, district, county, etc. – but also an island (like Mallorca in Spain) or a country in itself (like England in Britain).

Select relevant activity categories (like attraction ticket, walking tour, city card, multi day trip, or hop on hop off) in the category filter. This is useful when you’re not only interested in the general location but want to focus on a particular kind of activity to match your content’s narrative.

Pick an activity

For convenience, we've included the starting price, average rating, and number of reviews for each activity. Follow the activity URL to find more details.

Find it on
If you want to learn more about a specific activity or integrate it, you’ll find the activity URL in the table. Copy&paste a single URL or download the entire table to retrieve all relevant URLs.

Download data
To explore larger data sets or store the data for future use, it can be helpful to download the results, for example as an Excel file. If you need help on how to use general report features like downloading results, read our FAQ article to learn more.

Integrating new activities
Whenever you’re adding activities to your content, please use our integration tools to ensure the integration works properly and we’re able to attribute any bookings to your account.

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