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What are Destination Packs?

Destination Packs aim at creating a space where you can gain access to inspirational content on attractions to help implement GetYourGuide into your posts.

The Destination Packs are only accessible by GetYourGuide registered partners. 

Why use Destination Packs?

  1. Promote top tours & activities for different attractions to gain higher conversions

  2. Access to images of top attractions

  3. Inspiration for content

Terms & Conditions: Sharing of this information & content is confidential and falls under the Partner Terms & Conditions

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The most popular locations for local travellers this summer

We also analysed our data and looked at the top locations Berliners, Parisians, and Romans are visiting this summer. We’ve also recognized the trending ones, meaning locations that have gained growing interests from travellers in 2020 vs last year (2019).

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