The bestseller coverage report provides the most popular activities on GetYourGuide.

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Main use cases
Find the most popular activities on GetYourGuide to maximize your income potential.

  • Promoting the most popular activities ensures that you’re capturing the market demand.
  • Top demanded activities have a higher chance to result in a booking (conversion rate).
  • For your existing content, check if you’re covering the relevant top tours.
  • When creating content for new destination countries, prioritize integrating the relevant top activities first to capture the majority of the mainstream demand. Only after, we’d recommend looking into alternative activities.
  • Get inspired by what other travel creators are selling. Consider peer popularity to find new opportunities.

When to check the report
We recommend checking the report at least once per month to stay up to date with demand trends. Check it as needed, when you’re optimizing existing or creating new content.

Navigate the report

If you need help on how to use general report features like applying filters or downloading results, read our FAQ article to learn more.

How to Series: Navigate the Best Seller Report

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0:00  Intro

0:14 Understanding filters 

1:37 Understanding the field on the data table. 

2:01 What does peer popularity mean?

2:20 Insider Tip!

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Your top destination countries
By default, we show you the top tours in all countries. If you only want to focus on your personal top countries, you can set the filter Is In My Top 5 Countries to "Yes". Your top countries are determined by the number of bookings you’ve generated.

Tour rank
By default, we show you the tours with a demand rank between 1 and 10 (1 being the best-selling tour).
You can adjust the filter Tour Rank in order to see less or more than the top 10 tours in each destination (the maximum is 50 tours per location). By default and if you filter for a specific country, the tour rank will refer to the top tours in that country (for example: top 10 tours in Italy). If you filter for a city, the tour rank will refer to the top tours in that city (for example: top 10 tours in Rome).

You can filter for relevant locations by adjusting the country, area, and city filter.

Notice: An area can be a region, province, state, district, county, etc. – but also an island (like Mallorca in Spain) or a country in itself (like England in Britain).

Select relevant activity categories (like attraction ticket, walking tour, city card, multi day trip, or hop on hop off) in the category filter. This is useful when you’re not only interested in the general location but want to focus on a particular kind of activity to match your content’s narrative.

Peer popularity
Peer popularity is the share of your peers who are selling a specific activity compared to all travel creators who are selling any activity in that location. You could also call it the local adoption rate.
Example: If there were 40 travel creators selling activity X in Rome, and there were 100 travel creators in total who are selling any activity in Rome, then the peer popularity of activity X is 40% (40/100).

Get inspired by what other travel creators are selling. Having a high peer popularity means this activity works well for many partners. You should consider promoting these activities with high peer popularity – even if their overall demand rank is lower.

Find activities having high demand (indicated by the "tour rank" – 1 being the best) but that are only sold by very few other partners (lower peer popularity). You have less competition when promoting it. It could also mean that your article can rank more easily.

Pro tip: First, filter for the location you're interested in. Then check the "tour rank" (1 being the best) to understand which activities have the highest demand. Now, sort the table by "peer popularity" (highest first) to see if the order of activities changes. Compare the demand (tour rank) with the adoption rate of other travel creators (peer popularity).

Pick an activity
Check the column Already Promoting to see whether you've already sold/integrated a specific bestseller activity. This indication is based on your bookings and – if installed – Integration Analyzer data. For convenience, we've included the starting price, average rating, and number of reviews for each activity. Follow the activity URL to find more details.

Find it on
If you want to learn more about a specific activity or integrate it, you’ll find the activity URL in the table. Copy&paste a single URL or download the entire table to retrieve all relevant URLs.

Download data
To explore larger data sets or store the data for future use, it can be helpful to download the results, for example as an Excel file. If you need help on how to use general report features like downloading results, read our FAQ article to learn more.

Integrating new activities
Whenever you’re adding activities to your content, please use our integration tools to ensure the integration works properly and we’re able to attribute any bookings to your account.

For more tips on improving your conversion rate with bestsellers please check out this article.

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