Understanding the right metrics

To make the most of our partner program, it’s important to understand how effective your efforts are. This means knowing what metrics are relevant. At GetYourGuide, we provide you with the metrics you need to understand what works best for you and your audience. Let's break them down:


This is the amount of unique readers that click on your affiliate link or widget and are browsing on the GetYourGuide website. For example, if a reader clicks on several GetYourGuide widgets and pages, they will be counted as one visitor. 

With this metric, you can also calculate your click-through-rate (CTR). Identify the traffic of your website or a specific page, then just divide visitors by traffic. The CTR tells you what percentage of your traffic clicks on a link or widget. The higher your visitors are, the higher your CTR will be which means higher chances for them to book. If you want to know how to increase your CTR and visitors, check out our Benchmarking article.


This is the number of tour, activity, or attraction purchases visitors have made through your website. For example, when a visitor buys two entrance tickets, that means two bookings. Please note that GetYourGuide pays commission on an activity conducted, not just booked (i.e. when the customer goes on the tour).


Campaigns are trackable data created by you when integrating with GetYourGuide. It allows you to track vital data (visits, bookings, conversion rate, potential income) per traffic source (article, subject, city, theme, etc.).

When updating and creating integrations always add a campaign parameter. This will help you track performance of your touchpoints and optimize them accordingly. 

How you organize your campaigns is up to you. You could name each article by city or type of content. Just remember that you need to be able to easily identify the campaign and where those integrations are to be able to optimize it. 

Now with the launch of our integration analyzer you are able to analyze your performance metrics on a more granular level. This will help you understand which links are performing the best and which ones need optimization. For more information on this, please visit Integration Analyzer.

Conversion rate (CR)

This is a very important metric to help you gauge if your audience is responding well to your integration efforts. To get your conversion rate, dividing your total bookings by visitors. This will tell you the percentage of your visitors that ended up buying a tour or at activity at GetYourGuide. If you want to understand how to increase your conversion rate, head to our article on 7 tips to improve your conversion rate. 

Potential income

This is how much commission you would earn if all activities booked are conducted. This is because we do not pay commission on canceled activities. 

For example, if a reader checks out your article: 20 Things to Do in Paris for Honeymooners, they want to know what activities are perfect for new couples. They click on several articles and activities, but only end up buying two tickets for a dinner river cruise with a total of €120.

How would this affect your metrics? 


  • You increase your visitors by one.
  • You get two more bookings.
  • Your potential income will increase depending on your commission (your commission will be paid if they do not cancel their booking).
  • Your conversion rate will depend on how many other readers read by tickets through your article.


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