The GetYourGuide Referral Program


1. This program is for travel bloggers, guides, and editorials only.

2. By joining the GetYourGuide referral program, you automatically agree and are bound to the terms and conditions attached below.

Exciting news, partners! We’d like to offer you the chance to earn extra commission by referring fellow bloggers, giving you (and them) the chance to earn an extra 1% commission – win, win.

Wondering how it works? You’ll earn a 1% commission increase for one month once your invited partners generate their first six bookings. For example, if your regular commission is 8%, you’d then get 9% commission. And if your invited partners make more bookings later, your increased commission will be extended. 

Check your inbox

We’ve sent you an email with your personal referral link, which you can use to invite your partners.

If you can’t find it, try searching in your email inbox for: “Earn extra commission by inviting fellow bloggers to join GetYourGuide”. If you still can’t find it, reach out to

How to get started

  1. If you know bloggers who aren’t working with GetYourGuide yet, start by inviting them.
  2. Try posting on Facebook or LinkedIn, you never know who might read it. Posts like: “How I make money traveling” usually attract interest. 
  3. Write an article about how you make money writing about travel and use affiliate links.

How you’ll earn money

An example: 

If your monthly revenue is €100 with 8% commission and you invite three travel bloggers, who generate a total of six bookings between them, you’d get:

  • 9% commission next month
  • €12.50 profit from your referrals
  • €112.50 revenue next month


Thresholds for a commission increase

  1. Once your partners sell six bookings in total, you’ll receive your 1st month of 1% commission increase
  2. As soon as they sell 23 bookings or more, you are eligible to achieve one more month of 1% commission increase
  3. The maximum you are able to receive is a 1% commission increase for six months

How can I be sure that my invites are calculated correctly?

We sent you an email with a personal referral link specific to you, so we can track them. It will look like this: PARTNER ID&cmp=referral_test&adgroup_id=XXX&utm_source=referral

When will I get the commission increase?

As soon as you reach the threshold for a commission increase, we’ll send you an email letting you know what you can expect to receive the following month. So, if in October your invited partners sell six bookings, you’ll receive a 1% commission increase in November.

Is there a limit on how long the bookings of invited bloggers continue to be counted?

Yes, the limit is 12 months since their registration date.

How much time do I have to invite the new bloggers?

There are no time constraints for you inviting bloggers to participate.

What does an invited blogger get?

Your invited partner gets a 1% commission increase for their first six months

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