Earth Trekkers: Loves GetYourGuide's vast inventory

Meet Earth Trekkers — a family blog aimed to help other families make traveling easier and more enjoyable. Learn from Tim, Julie, Tyler, and Kara how they successfully travelled 35 countries while balancing work and school, plus top tips on how you can earn money through the GetYourGuide affiliate program. 

What are your names and what is the name of your blog?

We are Julie (Mom), Tim (Dad), Tyler (17), and Kara (15) and we are the Earth Trekkers (


What made you start your travel blog?

In 2014 we sold our house, sold our cars, put our careers on hold, and took our kids out of school in order to take a 13-month trip around the world. We started Earth Trekkers as a way to keep our friends and family informed during our travels. But it turned out that many other people were interested in our adventure as well and we began to grow a larger following. Once home, our love for travel and our love for sharing our experiences with others continued. That, along with hearing how grateful our audience was that we were sharing our experiences, inspired us to turn Earth Trekkers into a business.

Earth Trekkers started off as a small travel blog that has grown into something much bigger than we could have ever imagined. We get over 1 million visitors to our website each month, making Earth Trekkers one of the highest-traffic blogs on the internet. I (Julie) support the business full-time while Tim helps during the evenings and weekends. Even Tyler and Kara have a role to play; Tyler generates our video content and Kara helps us manage some of our social media activity. And of course we travel as much as possible, which helps us continually collect new content.


What do you love about your work and traveling?

I love inspiring others to travel more and see the world. And I love hearing from our audience about how we’ve been able to help with their travel planning process, discover new places, and make amazing memories with their families. It’s this feedback that inspires us to keep growing the business and look for new ways to help other travellers.

How long have you been working with GetYourGuide?

We have been working with GetYourGuide for about 9 months. We started off by adding just a few tours to a couple of our most popular articles. It was a test to see how receptive our audience would be to the service. And we were astonished by how quickly tours were being booked. So we continued adding it to more and more articles we had already published, as well as new articles we’ve been writing.  


What was your biggest challenge before GetYourGuide?

Before GetYourGuide it was difficult, time consuming, and overwhelming to sift through all of the available tour options. GetYourGuide has made it super easy for us to find day tours and private drivers from reputable companies that we can recommend to our audience. Plus GetYourGuide has made it super easy for us to embed those tours into our articles.


What made you decide to partner with GetYourGuide?

GetYourGuide offers a lot of great, budget-friendly tour options for travellers. Everything from group tours, to private-guided tours, to skip-the-line entrance tickets into attractions. And we know that GetYourGuide evaluates the tour operators before listing them, so we can trust recommending those operators to our audience.

How did GetYourGuide improve your business?

Our audience and our articles get a lot of value out of the GetYourGuide service. Not just from knowing we are recommending reputable operators but also because GetYourGuide enables us to recommend tours that go above and beyond the typical experience. For example, we now recommend a tour of Montserrat that includes a wine tasting afterwards. And we now recommend renting a sports car, like a Ferrari, and driving it along the French Riviera. It is these types of unique experiences that help our audience have an amazing time during their travels; and thus they recommend our blog to others and they come back to our blog when planning their next adventure. This helps us build a loyal following which in turns helps increase our number of visitors and page views. 

And the money we make from offering tours with GetYourGuide allows us to further diversify our revenue streams.


Here is a look at how quickly our GetYourGuide traffic grew …



Would you recommend GetYourGuide to other travel publishers? 

Absolutely! GetYourGuide is easy to use and implement within our website and it offers a great service to your audience. Plus, it provides another way that travel bloggers can earn income when publishing travel content. 


Do you have any tips for other GetYourGuide partners?

Yes! The team has a wealth of knowledge about the services offered by GetYourGuide and they have creative ideas to help you maximise the revenue you can gain from using the GetYourGuide service. They are there to help grow with you. 

Any feedback you’d like to share with our team?

The GetYourGuide Team has been a pleasure to work with; extremely professional in every way. A true partner who is motivated to help us grow our business!

Fun Fact: What GetYourGuide tour did you most recently add to your blog?

We just added a few of the Mint Julep tours to our Kentucky Bourbon Trail articles. You see their vans everywhere along the bourbon trail so it's great to see them listed within the GetYourGuide service. We love knowing that we are helping our audience fully enjoy the experience of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail without the worry of driving in-between tastings.


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