Free Tours by Foot: Finding the right affiliate partner

Meet Stephen Pickhardt, President of Free Tours by Foot, a platform for licensed, local, freelance tour guides to lead tours at no upfront costs. Learn from Stephen how GetYourGuide helped his business increase traffic and revenue.


What is your name and what does your website/blog do? 

Free Tours by Foot. We offer guided walks, self-guided tours, and audio tours of various cities throughout the world. We also operate a blog on travel advice for those cities.


What made you start your website/blog/company? 

I wanted to be a business owner in the travel field. I was working as a tour guide in Washington, DC in 2006 and things blossomed from there and then.


What do you love about your work/traveling? 

I like that I get to spend work hours discovering destinations throughout the world.


How long have you been working with GetYourGuide? 

For about 5 or 6 years now.


What was your biggest challenge before GetYourGuide? 

Finding good affiliate opportunities that were easy to implement and also brought in good revenue.


What made you decide to partner with GetYourGuide? 

I liked the ease and look of the partner portal. I also liked that GetYourGuide is Berlin based.


How did GetYourGuide improve your business? 

They increased our revenue as well as value to our readership and tour guests.


How would you describe your relationship with GetYourGuide? Is there anything that surprised you? 

I've had nothing but a positive relationship with GetYourGuide. I've been surprised by how approachable the company has been with me. 


Do you have any tips for other GetYourGuide partners? 

If you would like a new function or item, just ask. Few companies like GetYourGuide respond as positively as they do. Let them know what you need or are looking for. They have been really great with us.


Any feedback you’d like to share with our team? 

Keep up the good work 😁.


Fun fact: What is the best GetYourGuide tour you’ve tried?

An evening food tour in Rome.


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