Landing page experience - Highlighting your chosen tour

Our primary goal is to connect your audience with unforgettable experiences they’ll love. That’s why we continuously optimize how we present activities on GetYourGuide widgets and our website. Higher click-through and conversion rates ultimately contribute to more commission in your bank account.

What we’ve been working on for you

Landing page experience
Many travellers are not committed to booking a specific activity yet when they read your content.
They’re often just exploring everything they could do in a destination.

Previously, your visitors were landing on a dedicated activity detail page. This is less helpful to explore and understand alternative activities. We tested if showing the tour you’re linking to (highlighted on top) together with other activities increases performance.

We’re happy to announce that the new landing page experience increased the conversion rate by 5.2%.
Thanks to another improvement in how we select the alternative activities presented together with your activity, we increased the conversion rate by an additional 3.5%.
Can I still link to the dedicated activity detail page?
Yes. While we don’t recommend it for conversion rate reasons – we understand that there can be situations where you want to force the visitor to land on the dedicated detail page of an activity. To do so, you can add the following parameter to your affiliate link:

Here's an example how your deep link could look like: PARTNER ID&utm_medium=online_publisher&mkt_cmp=true 

Always use our integration tools to ensure that the integration works properly and we can attribute any bookings to your account. After you’ve generated your deep-link, you can add the optional parameter “&mkt_cmp=true”.

Safeguard – we protect your income
Every test we run has rigorous statistical monitoring to ensure that there’s no negative impact on any metric like click-through and conversion rate. If we find a negative impact, we stop the test immediately. Thanks to the large volume of traffic we receive, we can quickly determine this within 24h.

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